January 24, 2018

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January-March Meetings

Jan 20th – Super Saturday!
February 9th – Night to Shine 6pm
March 3rd – Super Saturday
March 17th – Super Saturday

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Fish & Chips Blacklight Show

Fish and Chips (Christian Hearts In Puppet Service) will present the gospel through a glow in the dark puppet show on January 20th during our Bible study time at 11:30am. You will not want to miss the gospel presentation from this talented group.


Community Giveback

For the remainder of the year, continue to bring new or gently used warmth items, such as gloves, socks, toboggans, coats, scarves, etc. for the Refuge Ministry.


Help Us Promote!

Grab a flyer, hang it, and help us get the word out!1/Page
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We Need Your Help!

Each Super Saturday takes at least 50 volunteers, and we know that you know someone that would be perfect to fill one of those spots! Below is a flyer, Simply print it and give it to your friend or hang it to help us get the word out!

Get The Flyer

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